Back To The Patch!

I'm sorry to bombard you with another pumpkin patch post, but it wouldn't be fair if I told you about Abram's visit and not Eli and Josiah's visit! Haha. Luis and I took them yesterday and Eli had a blast. We were lucky it wasn't as hot of a day as when I went with Abram's class, so we were able to enjoy ourselves a lot more. I was so bummed because we were in such a hurry to go and be back by the time Abram got out of school that I forgot to take a baby carrier for Josiah, so we had to hold him the whole time. I was surprised he did really good and stayed awake the whole time. Josiah is a big napper and if he doesn't nap he gets a bit cranky, but he was talking and laughing with random people and all the animals. 
Eli loves feeding the animals, that's probably his favorite part of going to the farm. It was so funny, after he fed one of the sheep, the sheep "baaa baaa'd" at him and Eli said, "Your welcome!" It was the cutest! Eli is literally the funniest kid I have ever met. He comes up with the most random things and leaves me saying, "Where did you learn that!" Which in turn he tells me, "From myself!" Haha. I just love him.
Being a mommy has changed me so much. I enjoy trips to the pumpkin patch, playing like a kid, seeing kids smile, all the things I had no clue were beautiful before having kids. I watch kid movies more than regular tv- except on Wednesday nights when I watch Law and Order and Chicago Pd! Don't judge me, I love the drama and crime :)
So if you are a regular to my blog, forgive me if I ramble on about my kids and share way too many kid pictures, but my life revolves around all things children. Honestly I really love it. I live to see smiles on those cute little faces. I am the happiest I have ever been and I owe it all to them. They easily drive me crazy most days, but then turn around and give me the biggest hugs and kisses, and just like that calm the crazy. I am very blessed to have children and I am quite aware.


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