Johnson's On Sick Days

It has been a hot mess around here lately. Abram started coughing on Wednesday and by Thursday Josiah and I had runny noses and coughs as well. I was so happy Eli was the only one of them who still wasn't sick! Usually he is the first one to start coughing and when he got sick it lasted about a month of hacking and a leaky nose from him. I really believe the probiotics have made his immune system a bit stronger.

Thursday night I got absolutely no sleep. Josiah kept waking up because his nose was plugged up. I had to use the saline drops and the aspirator twice. Part of the night I held him upright on the rocking chair. You can imagine the amount of energy I would have had Friday. When I woke up to take Abram to school I felt like I had just fallen asleep. I was a walking zombie for sure! I ended up taking a nap, courtesy of the hubby!

When Josiah was born a friend of mine gave me a Johnson's Baby gift basket and it came with this awesome product! I use it for the boy's bath when they are stuffed up and it helps them out with all those boogers. I love it and it smells divine, so it's definitely a must have around our house now. 

I have used Johnson's Baby products for all my boys. I have tried other products before, but have not been impressed. My boys have always had sensitive skin and people would tell me to use this or that, however I have never seen a bad reaction from Johnson's. There is a reason they are the #1 trusted product for hospitals. My mother used them on me and they have been around forever! It's affordable and you can find it anywhere. This powder is also a must in our home to help with the chaffing of Josiah's boot wear. It works great clubfoot mammas.

 Next time your little one gets stuffy or a bit under the weather definitely try this product, I'm sure you will love it as much as I do.

On Monday we will be taking Josiah for his 1 month brace check! I can't believe it's already been 1 month of him in his 23/7 boot wear! Time is flying. His feet look great so we are hoping the dr is happy with his progress.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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