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Happy Monday, hope everyone had a great weekend! We spent the weekend with friends and family, it was so fun and relaxing. The kids loved playing with one of their best friends and I got to talk "mommy" with my best friends!

Last year this month my grandmother passed away, I wrote about it here. I remember feeling so motivated to make more memories with family and friends and I am proud to say I really have- although there can always be more improvement. I know there are some people dear to me I really need to make more time for and spend less time making excuses. Today is "national do something nice day", and it is the perfect reminder to make that time for those people- give them a call, go see them, buy a card for them, play with my kids more, really do something nice for them.

I love and live for my family and loved one. My sister and I spend time together every weekend and I see my parents very often, but I always worry- am I really spending quality time with them? We live in a time where social media has kind of taken over the time we spend with loved ones. We are on our phones or tablets more than making memories and conversing with the ones we love. I went to a restaurant a few months ago and saw a family that not even talking, they were each on a tablet or phone. 
Today I urge you to pick up your phone, not to check your facebook, but to make a phone call to your loved one or facetime with them. Taking pictures to instagram is great and yes, you're making memories, but after you take that picture put the phone away and continue making those memories.  
This week I am challenging myself to spend more quality time with the ones I love and putting my electronics to the side. After my grandmother passed I had a lot of regrets for not spending enough time with her. I would hate to have those regrets with others I love. 
Don't forget to do something nice for a loved one or even a random stranger today!
Some ideas: -smile at a stranger
-hold the door open for someone
-pay for someone's coffee
-buy your mom some flowers
-make your kids favorite food
-visit a friend or loved one
-tell the ones you love you love them
Let me know what you did for someone, in the comments below!

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