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Happy October! Once the first of the month hits I feel like it's officially the holiday season. I wish this time of year would last forever. No joke Fall is my FAVORITE season! 
Abram has been in school for 2 months now, man, time flies. Anyway, I am a worrier of him not being challenged enough or not using his brain to it's full potential.  I know I'm crazy, but realistically I can't solely depend on school to teach my kid, I have to keep up at home as well. Yes I am one of those parents who limits TV and makes them read instead, but in my defense I try to make learning fun. I dream of the day of dropping my kids off to college. My mother in-law gave Abram this Leap Frog Learning Kit for his birthday last year and the boys love it, they even ask to do more when I say it's time to clean it up. A lot of the stuff Abram already knows, but some stuff still challenges him and that's the stuff we work on. The best part is that when I do the flashcards with Abram, Eli wants to participate as well. Yesterday while working on the flashcards Eli yelled out some of the answers before Abram did! It's such a great feeling when your kids want to learn and have that desire to be challenged. The kit comes with 2 workbooks, a math one and a reading and writing one, and some stickers to give when a page is complete. The flashcards are great because they have kindergarten math on one side and 1st grade math on the other, there is a set for addition and one for subtraction. The sight words set of flashcards is the same, one side kinder, the other 1st grade and they use the word in a sentence to show how it's supposed to be used. The dry erase board comes with a marker and has a space on the top to draw a picture and then on the bottom you can write about it, Eli likes that board. Haha. Lastly there is a dry erase pad where they can practice writing numbers and letters over and over. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to work with your kids at home, even if it's just 10-15 min a day, just so you know where they are academically. I love this kit and so do the boys and right now it's on sale here, but even if you can't buy the kit you can always make your own flashcards or write out some math problems on a paper for your kid. Abram always says working at home is more fun than working at school which makes me happy because I feel like I am doing my part as his mother.
Do you work at home with your kids? What strategies do you use to make learning fun? Share in the comments below!
Have a wonderful month!

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