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Yesterday we made the nearly 4 hour drive to Josiah's orthopedic doctor. I was so excited because I couldn't wait for the doctor to tell me he was doing great, but I was nervous that I was wrong, and  instead he would tell me the opposite. 
Well I am so overjoyed to say I was right and Josiah is making excellent progress!!! I thanked the doctor so much for doing Josiah's surgery properly. I hear and see so many stories of parent who are living the nightmare of improper care, multiple heel cord surgeries, or not enough castings done. This was my biggest fear with Josiah's treatment, that somehow we would have to relive everything all over again. I feel so blessed to have gotten doctors who knew exactly what they were doing and explained everything to us not leaving us in the dark. I know God is Josiah's main doctor and he is on constant watch of my little man's feet and for that I have to thank him each and every day.
The doctor said I was doing a great job with Josiah's feet. I realized, then, that I had not given myself credit. Luis chimed in saying how I was, and I am always on top of everything. I felt so glad that I was having a part in Josiah's progress. I am the one who puts his shoes on daily afterall. If I had not been doing it right or not putting them on at all, Josiah's feet would not be doing this great. Clubfoot moms, don't forget to give yourself some credit. Our dedication is our contribution to our kid's treatment.
 Josiah had been in his boots for a month now, and in that month he had gotten a bit of athlete's foot and some blisters. I immediately spoke with some of the clubfoot moms on Facebook to figure out why and what to do. 
Athlete's foot is quite common with clubfoot babies, since their feet are 23 hours a day in boots and don't get enough air exposure between the toes. It had also been extremely hot here lately so the sweat had made some little cuts between his toes. I found that by putting coconut oil during down time and loads of powder in his socks during boot wear, made this problem disappear. I followed that routine religiously for about a week until it finally cleared.
The blisters he had gotten were around his ankle, which from what the boot specialist said were due to the plastic insert material inside the boot. The material had been rubbing on the more prominent parts of his ankles and made them chapped. He put moleskin on that part of the boot to see if it helped. In the meantime I had discovered blister bandaids gave him some relief as well.
I have never been so obsessed with feet before Josiah was born. You know you're a clubfoot momma when feet is something that never escapes your mind. I am, infact, always on top of everything because I know that my sons progress is my #1 priority. I look forward to the day when he no longer has to wear his brace, but until then I have to make sure everything is done correctly, there is no room for error.
 I would say Josiah's first month in boots and bar has been a good one. We have ran into a few hiccups, but nothing we weren't able to overcome. We won't be back to his doctor until January and by then he will be nearing 9 months old, which is when he will be able to wear the boots for napping and nighttime only. I can't wait! We will definitely be celebrating with new "normal" shoes!
Thanks so much for reading, have a great day!

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