Fall Scents

I love love love the Fall scents! This time of year Luis knows that I have to splurge on making the house not only look like Fall exploded, but also smell absolutely divine. Yesterday I went down to my all time favorite holiday smell store Bath & Body Works to get my scent fix.
Pumpkin Coconut 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
 If you love the smell of pumpkin and coconut, you will love this candle. I think it smells like I'm baking some delicious cookies, so aside from possibly making you hungry, trust me your nose will be in sweet heaven! It definitely takes the cake for favorite of the season! 
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
Most of their candles have that yummy- I just baked some pie- kind of smell, but this one will probably trick guests the most. This one was my favorite last year and everyone who walked in would ask me what I was baking. It smells aaaamazing and is also a must have in my book.
Maple Leaf Nightlight Wallflowers Fragrance Plug - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works Leaves Wallflowers Fragrance Refill - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Wallflowers Fragrance Refill - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
I also pick up some wallflowers every year because I think they make the walls look pretty along with maintaining the aroma in the house. I use one of these in the bathroom to help with making the bathroom look festive while masking the smell of- well- pee pee! Haha! What can I say, I have a 2 yr old who doesn't always get to the potty in time and a 6 yr old who forgets to aim. I also love the smell of the wallflowers as I walk down the hallway.
Honestly if you have never tried these Bath & Body Works products you have to try them this season, you will not regret it. They not only make your house smell glorious, but for some reason it makes your home feel homey. So head over to the nearest store and get a whiff of all the scents. I normally get their awesome coupons in the mail because I am a regular shopper, but even if you don't they always have awesome sales, especially during the holidays. Click any of the pictures above to get the price of each item and you can also sign up online to receive their coupons.
Whats your favorite Fall scent? Share it with me in the comments below!


  1. oh my yum! you have to try marshmallow campfire!

    1. I have tried that one! I like it alot, but I try to limit myself to only 2 so that I actually finish them.

  2. I seriously have an addiction to candles! They really do make a home more homey :D
    Please check out my blog sometime :) ps, I'm having hosting a giveaway at the moment with Lou & Roo Market (children's clothes) my little girl loves them!

    1. Don't they! Thanks for reading, I will definitely be checking it out!

  3. You had me a Pumpkin Coconut - that sounds amazing!! Haven't been to B&BW lately, gonna have to stop!!

    1. Omg seriously I LOVE it! I have been burning it since this afternoon. I might just have to go back and get another! :)


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