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I am so excited and proud to say my blog post was featured on!! I submitted the article a few weeks ago in hopes that my little voice would raise awareness on Clubfoot. I really didn't even expect to get published or hear back, but to my surprise, it was approved and published! I still can't believe it! Honestly, sometimes I get so discouraged and think how nobody want to hear what I have to say, especially about such a unknown deformity, but when this happened my perspective turned around and snaped me back into place. I speak for a cause and even if my attempts fail, I have to keep on. I have promised my son and myself to raise awareness on Clubfoot and I will keep my promise until I am old and can no longer keep up with technology and social media! Haha. 
With a new month beginning, this gives me so many new goals and motivation. I am so focused on setting out on new dreams and adventures for the clubfoot community and my family. I am so excited and ready for this season of my life. "What could you achieve if you knew you would not fail?" I have this quote constantly playing in my head and I intend to find out the answer. 
I know October will be a great month for me! What about you? What's on your agenda to conquer? What steps are you taking to get there? Remember even if they are baby steps they count! Good luck in all your future endeavors and never give up on your cause or your dreams!

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