Saying Goodbye To Summer

 After the boys' birthdays I always feel like Summer is over. Abram has already been back to school for almost a month and it seems like Fall is just around the corner! This Summer we didn't really get to do much because Josiah had just gotten here in May and we had Dr appointments literally every week! So we are already making plans for next Summer and thinking of where we could possibly take family vacation! Abram really wanted to go to Lego Land this year so that may be a possibility. The boys are obsessed with Legos! Most Birthdays Luis and I don't like buying Abram toys we buy him clothes or books or practical things, he's never too happy with our gifts. Haha. My sister on the other hand spoils him rotten and this year she even got Eli and Josiah gifts! She's such a great auntie. Anyway, we caved this year and got Abram 2 sets of Legos, (which by the way are so expensive! Gees!) and he loved them! Yay, we aren't sucky parents after all! He was so happy that he got all the Legos on his wishlist. I'm not so against Legos since it's known to help boost children's fine motor skills and creativity. His Kindergarten teacher recommended it last year when he was starting school, and it really did help in that area. 
All in all I think both Luis and Abram had a great birthday. A few days later my awesome sister also babysat so Luis and I could go on our first date since before Josiah was born! We had a great time, its funny how Luis can make me laugh for hours. I love that about him. Saying goodbye to Summer is always hard, but Fall is my all time FAVORITE season so I'm really looking forward to it. There is only 20 days of Summer left, hope everyone enjoys them!


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