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We are trying to soak up every last minute of Summer. We play in the back yard and try to get out of the house as much as we possibly can to enjoy the sun. Luis' schedule recently changed so we have mainly been getting out without him. We have gotten so used to going for walks that if I try to skip a day the kids whine all evening so I end up caving! Haha. It's been such great weather in the evening, and a couple of times we even got to see the sunset! Usually Abram will ride his scooter and Eli and I walk while Josiah is carried in the Beco Gemini, which by the way is amazing! I absolutely love how safe and secure it feels when the baby is in it. It really does make it so much easier to get around and be able to use both hands while Josiah snoozes in the Beco. Plus, it doesn't hurt my back, which is awesome because we go on 2 mile walks! I even tried it with Eli one morning, when I walked Abram to school, he didn't even want to get out! Haha.  I really encourage getting out for walks with kids, I feel like they get exercise and let out a lot of energy. Particularly with my kids they start getting really rowdy if I don't challenge them enough physically. They start fighting, Eli gets really fussy, Abram starts whining about everything, they say they are bored, ugh it becomes chaos! Walks really get all that energy out and they come back and play nice and are a lot less.... loud! I can actually hear my thoughts after we come home. I'm sure any exercise is good for kids, but we read once here, that 1 hour of really good physical activity helps children not only be healthier physically, but also mentally and emotionally. So if you don't already, give it a try, you'll see a huge improvement  in your children and yourself!
I am so excited because tomorrow Josiah gets his follow up from surgery and should be getting his Boots and Bar! Yay, no more casts! Wish us luck, we are hoping he adjusts well to them and they don't make him too uncomfortable. 
 Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day!


  1. wow Lovely family day!
    If you could visit us... that would be amazing. Thanks a lot!

  2. Such a beautiful family!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  3. Aaaahw so cute!!


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