We Survived The First Week

We have made it through the first week of Josiah's boots and bar! It seriously has been a week from hell! I am sorry, but I can't sugar coat it. I have probably had less than 10 hours of sleep if you combine all 8 days. Josiah really did not take a liking to his new shoes. The problem wasn't really during the day it was mainly at night he was waking up like 6 times a night. When I checked his feet during the one hour free time, his feet looked okay, besides some redness on the heal.  I started to notice that his heal would come up after a few hours of wear and I kind of got worried that the shoes were not giving him the proper position it needed for the treatment to work. There are these little holes on the heel of the shoes, where you can see the foot to make sure it is in the proper position. I just had a gut feeling something was not right.

I gave it a couple of days to see if the heel would start planting more. It didn't and the redness on his heels was getting worse. I looked through the Clubfoot Facebook page to see how other babies who had just gotten their boots were doing. It was pretty common that there was redness, but something that stood out to me was how big Josiah's shoes looked compared to the other babies who had just gotten theirs. I also saw that Dr. Dobbs  had commented in a thread the importance of the boot to be the right size and fit tightly for the boot not to cause any sores or blisters. I then was pretty sure his boots were not the right size. I called the boot provider and the guy we spoke to said to send him pictures of Josiah wearing the boots to confirm what I was talking about. After less than an hour of sending the pictures the guy called me back saying he would send me a new set of smaller boots. I was so grateful I would not have to travel the 3 and a half hours to go get new boots.
These are the first set of boots, you can see all the space in front of his toes.
The new pair fits a lot smaller and he still has a little room to grow.

Monday night was the first night in his new boots and he slept so good. He only woke up twice! I felt so relieved because I thought for sure it really might be worse. By Tuesday he started flipping to his stomach again and being a lot happier and calmer. I was able to get pictures of him flipping to his stomach as it was happening.

I think even he was a bit surprised he was able to flip again. I'm sure little man was missing the mobility of his casts. Well after a few hours I noticed he was trying to push himself forward, so I believe my little trooper will be crawling soon! I am so proud of him and I am very happy his treatment is back on track.

I have high hopes for sleep in week 2! Haha. I must say that even though I am exhausted I feel great. I know Josiah will have other obstacles as time comes, but I am proud to say I caught the size issue in time before his feet got worse. When moms have gut feelings, most times they're right. I love my son and will do anything in my power to make this easier on him. Heres hoping for some smooth sailing from here on out.


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