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Well hello there March! I know the beginning of the month I'm usually all chiper and motivational, but today started a bit sad for me. As I dropped Abram off at school today, he failed to kiss and hug me. It's been a few times now that he says I embarrass him. I didn't expect this so soon, I mean come on, he's only 6! I remember being embarrassed of my parents, but not until I was a teenager. 

I have noticed him acting older and speaking like an adult at times. I pay close attention to his logic and it really is beyond his years. I am always so impressed that he is wise beyond his years. Abram is a great older brother, he is smart in school work and almost always has a great explanation for his actions. 

I am always torn with wanting them to stay little and wanting them to grow up. I can't wait to go on family road trips and vacations where they can actually enjoy things without getting super tired and cranky. Heck, I can't wait to get some good sleep! Still, I would trade all that for them to stay at an age where they hug and kiss me like it's nobody's business. What mother doesn't want their children to love them forever and like them for always?

The reality of the matter is, my babies are growing more each minute of the day and as much as I hate the thought of it, I have to deal. I know this sounds so childish, but my heart was so broken walking away from that school gate knowing my son is starting to outgrow me. What that tells me is I have to enjoy every moment with him right now. I have to make time for the little things. I don't want to look back at these years of his life and have regret for what I didn't do. 

I know it's hard for us moms to have energy and keep up with everything we have on our plates in addition to the kids, but honestly we have to make the time. The laundry can wait. The dishes can stay dirty. Social media isn't going anywhere. Make time now to enjoy those slobbery kisses and warm hugs. Those are the things that can't wait. Pay attention when they are talking about  whatever it is they've told you for the millionth time today. Dance crazy with them in the living room. Play candy land over and over with them until they finally beat you. Those memories are being stored not only in their archives, but on days like the one I'm having, you have those beautiful memories to look back on with a smile. 


  1. Your son is adorable!! I also was a teenager when I was like please don't do that when it came to my parents. I think more kids these days are way beyond their years. Hopefully your son won't grow up to fast, so you can enjoy him being little still.

  2. It's hard to see them grow up. I want them to be little forever. I hear you Dominique, parenting is the best and hardest thing ever! Blessings and keep up the good work.


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