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Hi there! I am fully aware how flaky my blog has been lately. I started off as a Monday through Friday blogger, but with all of my daily demands had to cut it down to 3 days a week and lately it's only been once a week. I apologize for my inconsistencies, I really do. 

Life around here has been so busy and chaotic that I rarely find time to get my thought down on paper or a computer. I try to keep up on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter  posts, but even then it's been tough. Between the kids all needing something at once, Josiah being so mobile now, and Luis working so much, it's been hard fitting in my writing.

So today I am asking you for pointers! What are some ways you manage your time? I need all the help I can get. Let me give you a bit of a run down of my schedule.

6-7am: Josiah usually wakes up to eat and doesn't go back to sleep. Abram starts getting ready for school.

8am: We drink coffee. I catch up on all my social media while Eli climbs all over us and Josiah aims for the Fireplace.

9am: We start cooking breakfast and dinner since Luis leaves for work at 11am and he needs a lunch packed.

10am: Josiah needs a boobie and a nap. By 10:30am we start getting family time in with Eli because Luis is leaving by 11.

11am: I start my mini school session with Eli. We paint, color, learn shapes, colors, letters, and do outside time if weather is good.

12pm: Lunch needs to start getting served for my cranky 3 year old and Josiah wakes up with an appetite as well.

1pm: I try to nap Eli, but if he won't sleep we go for a walk or to the park.

2pm: We head over to pick up Abram from school, which is right across the street. We come home and I feed Abram and get his homework started.

3pm: We all play together or I force them to play together while I nap Josiah and clean the kitchen.

4pm: We head out to play outside or to the park. If the weather is not good we do some sort of indoor activity that usually ends up with me getting tackled.

5pm: Alvin and the Chipmunks is on and they watch that until 6pm while I feed Josiah and start catching up on chores.

6pm: Bathtime and reading time.

7pm: Bedtime!!

8pm: I catch up on social media or do some reading. Fold clothes or get leftovers put away. 

9pm: I start getting ready for bed because by then I am exhausted. (This is usually when I start writing a post if I am not too tired.)

10pm Luis comes home we chit chat and got to bed. If we are not that tired we will watch a movie.

11pm: Josiah wakes up to eat and whenever I finish that I finally go to sleep.

1am: Josiah wakes up for a feeding.

3am: Josiah wakes up for a feeding!

So you see I have been finding it hard to get to blogging. I guess I know I can do a bit better in the evening, but I have been so tired by then that I can't even think straight. So what are some pointers you can give me on managing my time. I am a bit desperate. LOL! 

Thanks in advance!

Some snaps of the past week.

We managed to find a sitter for a quick date!

Eli at soccer practice

Family game night

Play time/ coloring time


  1. Sounds like a busy day! :) One suggestion I have would be to try to spend one day per week prepping meals! Then you'll have things ready to throw together for breakfasts, lunches, and suppers in order to save some time during the week.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I actually have never thought about meal prepping! I will have to give it a shot!

  2. Reading your schedule made ME exhausted! I wish I had more advice. The way I "fit" blogging in is probably not recommended and that is I give up many evenings after the kids are asleep. But, sometimes I can't write at that time because I'm too exhausted so I do social media stuff or images. The only other thing that saves me is my boys nap around the same time and although Eli doesn't nap as long it gives me about 1.5 hours because he will have snack and relax until brother is up. I do my best to squeeze in laundry and housework around the craziness because the last thing I want to do when my husband has a day off is play catch up. I've also had stretches of time when I can't find any time or energy to blog! You're doing amazing and I just think how lucky your boys are that you make time for them!

    1. Thanks for the comment Erin! I HAVE to make time for them, they hover me so much! Besides when I try to get them to do their own thing, but they start crying and get all cranky if I try to ignore them. I have to work more with them on independence.

  3. I time block as much as I can. Social media updating, etc is done in pockets, usually with my phone. Sunday afternoons are usually put aside for blog posts, but life gets in the way. My best advice is not to stress out, try out different time blocking schedules to see what works best.

    1. Time blocking sounds like a good strategy. I will try to give this a go as well. Thank you!

  4. Before both of my kids were in school, I blogged at night after they were in bed. I was up too late and I was tired all the time. I am so glad they are both in school now. My Little Man is in school for 3.5 hours per day, 4 days a week. And that is where I fit in exercise and blogging ;)

  5. Is there any way Luis could handle the kids for 30 minutes in the morning so you can punch out a blog post or part of a post?


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