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A few weeks ago we took a trip to Legoland. I am the type of person who hates really long lines and the rush of the weekend so we went on a Wednesday. We actually left the night before and stayed at a hotel just 15 minutes away from the park. It gave a little more excitement to our trip.

The park opened at 10am, but we didn't end up getting there until almost 11am. The first area the boys wanted to tackle was the Ninjago World. They had seen the tv show and seen commercials about that area so they were pumped. We were pretty disappointed to find out Eli was still too short for the Ninjago ride and Abram chose not to go on without him. My advice if you are thinking about going to any theme park is do your research and make sure your child fits the height requirements for their anticipated rides.

There was areas where we were all able to get on and enjoy the rides, but there were very few for Josiah who is only 2. Even Eli, who is 4 yrs and 43 inches long, was still unable to ride many rides. He was quiet upset.

The boys enjoyed the Star Wars replicas. I would say the coolest part of Legoland is that everything you see is made of actual legos. Most statues have a little sign stating the amount of legos each statue took and the amount of hours it took to build.

There was also a Miniland with Replicas of towns such as  Las Vegas, New Orleans and San Francisco.

One of the areas the boys loved the most in Miniland was the boat building area. They built their own boats and were able to race them at a giant water table.

Miniland also had a ride called the Coast Cruise where you got to ride on a boat and see different parts of the world all made of legos. 

The Eiffel Tower

Mount Rushmore

We later made our way to Fun Town where there was much more for the boys to do. I would say if you visit with small children start there first.

While there, we also visited the Sealife Aquarium where we all learned so much about sea life.

The park closes at 5 during the week so we kinda rushed through the last bit in the end. Overall the boys had fun. We felt it was time well spent. I must admit Legoland was not my personal favorite. I just felt the boys did so much more at Knotts and Disneyland, but they enjoyed it. They had been asking to go for at least a year so we were happy to make their wish come true. 

We scored coupons where if you buy an adult admission you get a child in free. Keep an eye out for those in kids meals at fast food places and like I said do your research about height. I will also say the food we had was good even though the price was a bit steep, but we did bring a lot of snacks with us from home. 

Family trips are so fun for us. Even if the place was not my favorite seeing the happiness radiate in my boy's faces makes it worth every penny. I urge you to take a family trip at least once or twice a year. Making memories with your children is the best part of being a parent.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions leave me a comment below. Have you been to Legoland? What were your thoughts?

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