Busy Day

This morning Abram had a pretty early Tball game, 9 am...... So we were up pretty early with them making breakfast and getting snack bags ready for the team. My kids have no problem getting up and having so much energy from the get go. I really don't know how they do it! Of course with all the stuff I had to remember doing this morning I forgot my camera, so I have no good pictures of his game! I was so bummed. I really like taking lots of pictures of them because we will never get this time back, as many of you may already know, they grow up so fast! I am the type of mom that even goes into their room at night and takes pictures of them sleeping. I know, sometimes a little much, but I can't help it they look so peaceful sleeping!!

 I love them to death, but today after Abrams soccer my sister is doing us the favor of taking them overnight so we can get some alone time before baby #3 arrives. Although I miss the chaos when they are gone, the house seems way to quiet and walking by their empty rooms makes my heart jolt, we definitely need a break. I'm so excited for our date, I am married to a pretty hot man! Haha... I feel really blessed he is my husband. Luis is so understanding and helpful with the kids, I'd be ungrateful not to rave about him! 
He really is my rock!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend!! 


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