Postpartum Spring Staples

Postpartum Spring Staples

Postpartum Spring Staples by writingmother-fashionista featuring Kiss My Face

Since Josiah will be coming within the next month, I wanted to share some of the normal staples to my wardrobe after I normally give birth. On any normal day I will just be in jeans and a t-shirt, and probably barefoot. On those rare days I do go out I just throw on my Converse and some sunglasses and off we go. This time around will probably be the same except now I am older and a bit wiser so I've been trying to remember sunblock and lip balm. I really am trying to take care of my skin more with moisturizers and eye serums and all that good stuff before bed and before going in the sun. I also don't feel really awake unless I wear mascara. My all time favorite is Loreal Telescopic. Lastly my Coach diaper bag. My father in-law gifted to us when Abram was a baby, so of course I haven't used another one since.
I've noticed the trend lately is for women to pop out kids and get beautiful and in shape right away, but remember it took you 9 months to put the weight on so dont stress too much about how long it takes to get it off! Besides with a new baby to try and figure out you wont have too much time to worry about your looks. Dont get me wrong, take care of yourself, but don't feel like you have to get dolled up every single time. Cut yourself a break, you did just have a beautiful baby after all!


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