Potty Training

With the new baby coming, we definitely don't want to be spending extra money on 2 sets of diapers. I started trying to potty train Eli (2yrs old), months ago. Well let me tell you its been pretty brutal!  He was just not having it. Until these last 2 weeks, he was fighting me every step of the way. I decided to back off and just give him some time and maybe ease into it later on. That strategy worked wonders! He has been using the potty now for almost 2 weeks. There still has been a couple of accidents, but he is really trying to understand the concept.

In the morning after I take off his diaper I take him to the potty. At first he was just sitting there saying "No Mommy", but my husband was the genius to thing to blow air on him to make him go. That made him giggle, but worked like a charm.

Throughout the morning I am asking him if he needs to go, but if I've seen its been more than a half hour that he has gone I will just take him and sit him there. Most of the time he does have to go. I put a pull up on him to go pick up Abram from school or if we have to run errands. Most of the time he takes that opportunity to go #2! He has not mastered the whole pooping in the potty yet. He has done it once, but his face looked so freaked out to what had just happened that I think it scared him off for the time being! Haha!

Throughout the afternoon I take off his pull up again and take him to the potty. He usually goes and then from then on I continue the same asking and taking routine. There are times he just goes by himself or comes and tells me. It is a real dedication and takes a lot of patients, but I am pretty confident that by the time baby #3 gets here, Eli will be fully potty trained.

Let me know any helpful tips or strategies you have used to potty train!

Have a great day everyone!

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