I've breastfed both my boys and plan on doing it with Josiah as well. I must say it was really hard to get used to and get a good milk supply when Abram was born. I was really stressed as a first time mom when trying to to get him to latch and trying to figure out why he ate so much! ( I thought he wasn't getting enough). I quickly learned that newborns literally eat all day and if they are not eating they are sleeping. I had so much supply I was able to pump more after he ate and store it for when we went out. I nursed Abram for a year and same went for Eli. I loved it! The bond you form with your newborn is great. I think it was harder on me than on them to quit! It really is a rewarding feeling, plus its FREE!!!! Now if you can't seem to keep up your milk supply this tea really helps. I found it at most local stores like Target and Walmart, but if you can't find it try your local health food store like Lassens or Whole Foods. It really does help. The taste is a bit bitter, like black licorice,  but I added natural honey and sometimes lemon or a bit of sugar. The best part about this tea is its all natural and organic! 
Another good promoter of lactation is oatmeal. I used to eat it every morning for breakfast and if I didn't feel like having oatmeal hot and mushy, Luis would mix about half a cup of the quick oats with a tall glass of milk and Nesquick. I would let it sit there till the oats were soft and easy to swallow. I actually liked it a lot more than hot oats! Which reminds me I need to stock up on Oatmeal!
Stuff to stay away from is spicy foods, they make the baby gassy and caulicy. Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage used to make their stomach upset as well. I also found that if I got really upset or stressed out my milk would have a negative effect on the baby. It might not sound realistic, but I think it really sours your milk so baby gets a tummy ache or a bit gassy. So try to stay calm and take deep breaths when upset! Or you can always pump and dump! 
So thats my advice for breastfeeding, I hope its as successful for you as it was for me. If for some reason you are unable to breastfeed, but tried, don't feel bad! Breastfeeding is not for all women. Your baby will be fine with formula once you find the right one. You are still a good mom and don't let other make you feel like your not. Just enjoy your baby!!


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