Times Flying!

Josiah turned 2 weeks yesterday and I can't even believe it! When I was waiting for him to get here it literally felt like FOREVER until that special day. Now it feels like he was born forever ago and time is flying by. I am trying to keep up with time, but everyday feels like it ends too quickly. He is growing so quickly and  all of us love him to death! Abram and Eli can't get enough. Unfortunately I've been having them keep their distance because they both have been sick this week. Abram picked up a bug at school and brought it home. Its horrible timing! I feel so bad because they love kissing him and hugging him, it's so tough on them to stay away. I constantly have to remind them they're sick and they have to wait to get better. So sad.  Today I started coughing and feeling sick too! Ugh, I can't stand being sick! Luckily Josiah nurses all day and breast milk has great antibodies so I really hope and pray he does not get sick. 

Yesterday we had a family get together because my mom's sister in Honduras passed away. We all went to show our support to my momma and spend time mourning with her. She was very grateful to have us there. 
My niece had a baby in February and she had yet to meet Josiah so they had their first little encounter. Its so cute to see how a 3 month old can be so observant. Her name is Kalypso, and she was very impressed with Josiah. It was really cute! At times I can't wait for Josiah to be that age, but at the same time I want him to stay a little newb! I love him so much! I really didn't realize how much love a mother's heart can hold. My boys are my world and I couldn't be more happy with my life at this time.
Happy Memorial Day!


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