Josiah's Birth Story

Josiah Salomon Garcia
The night before's belly!

Right before surgery
Luis ready for surgery
Meeting Josiah

He weighted 7 lbs 2 oz and 19.5 inches long
Eli seeing Josiah for the 1st time!
1st bath
Abram was so worried about me, he wasn't very into Josiah at first.

Burping choke hold! Haha
Luis changing Josiah's diaper for the first time
Mommy and baby
Milk mustache! 

My little angel

Mother's Day was a seriously memorable day for me. I woke up at 6 am to my water breaking! My original scheduled date was May 11th, but Josiah couldn't wait one more day. I was so surprised and I was even hesitant to call the Dr since I had 3 false alarms already! However after an hour of waiting I was certain my water had broken and this baby was in fact coming! 

We headed to the hospital, after my best friend got there to stay with our boys. I felt anxious to leave my boys, I hugged and kissed them as much as I could before leaving. Abram was really worried about me, he kept telling me he hoped I was ok. I felt so bad to leave him with that worry. Eli was fine, he was his normal happy self. My sister was going to stop and pick them up on the way to the hospital, so they could meet Josiah right after birth as well. 

After arriving, I met the the Dr who would be doing my c- section, since my regular Dr was not on call. It kinda made me sad that both Abram and Eli had been delivered by the same Dr and Josiah would not be. She was great though, I loved her personality and did not make me feel uneasy at all. 

Time seemed to go by quickly and before I knew it I was in the operating room. My nightmare began at this point. The anesthesiologist doing my spinal tap had to insert the needle in 3 different places of my spine because he could not get to the right area. It was so painful, I was in tears. When I had it done for Abram and Eli it was a breeze and went by so fast, but this time it felt like forever! It was such a bad experience, my back still feels bruised. To top it off the anesthesia took so long to actually kick in I could feel everything the Dr was doing, but i did not want to get put to sleep so I dealt with the pain until I got to see my beautiful baby. He was perfect! I absolutely loved him! After I saw he was safe and healthy I told them I could no longer handle the pain and the anesthesiologist put something in my IV to make me feel like I was somewhere else other than an operating table until they were done.

 They wheeled me to recovery where my family was visiting Josiah. It was so wonderful to see my 3 boys right after going through all that pain. Abram and Eli were happy that Josiah was finally here. They stared at him and asked so many questions. It was awesome to see my boys so interested in what was going on.  I couldn't believe the day I anticipated for so long was finally here, though I went through a lot of pain that day, it really was worth it! 

We have been home for  a week now and I do get tired and at times the noise is a bit overwhelming, but I wouldn't have it any other way. This will be my last baby so I am soaking in every minute of his little antics. In fact he has been a really good baby so far. He loves nursing and sleeping and hates his diaper being dirty. Haha. I love him and am really glad we are all adjusting pretty well to our little angel. 


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