Our Last Weekend

My 3 loves!!

"Hurry up Mom!"

Taking pics is what Eli loves most!

Abram making silly faces! 

Happy to see Mom after a long morning at school!

Today was the last day we dropped off and picked up Abram from school as a family of 4, since Monday morning is my scheduled C-Section. I don't know why but it makes me get all choked up to see Abram will now be the big brother of 2 and Eli, my baby, will technically no longer be the baby, although he will always be mommy's baby! They are both so excited to meet him and they can't wait! Abram's teacher told me today that he has been talking about it at school and is so excited to meet his baby brother. That just melts my heart!! He is so caring. And Eli is always lifting my shirt and speaking to Josiah through my belly telling him how much he loves him. It really is the sweetest thing! I'm not really worried about the transition of them and the baby, I know they will both do great and be very protective of their little bro. 
We have a lot going on this weekend, t-ball, a birthday party, the schools festival, some last minute shopping, and of course Mother's Day!! I really am trying to enjoy every last minute of it without feeling overwhelmed! My body tends to give out so quickly now and I get SUPER tired by the evening. Last night Luis said I was snoring so loud he couldn't sleep!! HAHA! I'm usually not a snorer so I must have been exhausted! I will definitely be hitting the hay pretty early the next couple of nights. Anyways cant wait to update after the birth!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone and please wish me luck!!


  1. Ooooooo, I love that he is talking about how excited he is to be a big brother at school. That is so sweet. I hope the C-section and transition to a family with 3 boys goes smoothly
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    1. Yes, him talking about it at school makes me feel better about the transition! I'm sure there will be a few hiccups along the way, but I know we will all do just fine. Thanks for reading!!


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