Happy 4th Birthday Eli

Do you ever notice how in the blink of an eye your kids are grown? Eli turns 4 years old today and I feel ever so blessed to call him mine, but I wish so badly I could relive each magical memory with him. He is such a special little boy that each and every day I thank God for choosing me to be his momma.

He was born on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. I was kind of upset at him because I didn't get Turkey that year. 😏 He was perfect though, I couldn't have asked for a better baby. He slept good, nursed right away and Abram had no problem having him around.

Eli came just in time for the holidays and gave us a hope we didn't know existed. He brought our family closer together. God really knew what he was doing when he sent him to us.

His smile made my whole day. He was such a happy baby. 

Brotherly love was at it's finest with these two. Abram protected him so much and Eli wanted to do everything with Abram. Still like that till this day.

I can't even put into words how much I love this kid. I know all moms love their children, but each one holds such a special place in my heart for completely different reasons. Eli was sent to me at a very hard time in my life. I felt very lost and had no idea who I really was or what I wanted. I know it sounds like a big job for a baby to change you, but he did. He woke me up. I suddenly knew who I wanted to be. 

As each year passes and he grows a little more I see so much of myself in him. His desire for adventure, his desire to learn, his funny jokes about everything, his love for donuts, the way he gets cranky when he's hungry or really tired- that's so me! But then I learn so much from him as well. His compassion for others, his desire to include everybody and anybody in his plans, his unconditional love for his family- especially his brothers. We had a family dinner for him on Saturday and he received some gifts and money. Upon counting his money he handed some to Abram and said, "Here that's for you." That touched me so much because even though it's his birthday he is not selfish at all. I love that about him.

Today I am so thankful for my son and his four years of life. I thank God for his health and his laughter. He is so funny and always willing to make you smile. I pray God gives him many years to come and all the wisdom a child needs to navigate life. I have high hopes for this little soul, but my biggest is for him to love God with all of his mind and all of his heart. If he does that then I know I have raised him right.

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